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Get up from your sofas, autumn wind is calling you to go camping!

Nowadays, we are totally absorbed by daily routine tasks. All we’re waiting for the whole year is our dreaming holiday. Attracted by eye-catching travel ads on Facebook and billboards, we are believed that our vacations should be extravagant, exotic getaways with all-inclusive food and entertainment held inside five-star facilities. Biased with this belief, you perceive other activities, such as hiking and camping as a useless and tiring. To put it differently, You think there’s no point of spending time passing through a wild jungle with damn cold air along the way, just to sleep in a tent, cook and serve yourself by eating some simple foods.

Actually, the whole glory of hiking is deeply rooted in such activities. Beautiful scenery along the way, fresh air, mind-blowing view at the top will pay off all your tiring journey and you will be happy to get the summit! Also, keep in mind, any kind of food you cook will be more extremely delicious, especially a fire roasted corn and the coffee made on a coal fire <3

When is the best time to go camping?

Actually, choosing the right season for camping is up to you! Summer is very popular in cooler countries, because of dry and long-lasting sunny days. However, mosquitoes are more of a problem in summer, especially near lakes and rivers. In hotter climate areas, you may prefer spring or fall. The trade-off there is the likelihood of rain in spring and fall in many areas. For a less experienced traveller, the weather is usually a big factor. Even with proper gear, a heavy rain may ruin your journey. Personally, I perceive autumn as an ideal season, since autumn’s glorious hues of gold, orange and red make one of the most magnificent time of the year for daytime and nighttime adventures.

golden leaves colourful trees

If you ever decide to take a backpacking adventure, it will be much better to prepare in advance. So, take your time to see how I gear up for a backpacking adventure.

I remember my first hiking experience, it was too ridiculous! There was no breathing space in my car because of a plethora of unnecessary supplies and equipment. Instead, I learnt a lot about myself, my limits and what gear to take/leave next time! Furthermore, some of my long-lasting fears just have flown up. Oh, you may ask what about the car? I use my car for getting to a destination, from where I continue walking.

So, I use my checklist for any outdoor activity. In reality, your camping list will vary according to the type of activities you have planned, the places you are going, by what kind of vehicle you are going, the time of year and the length of your trip.

My camping essentials:

  • Camera
  • Backpack, tent, sleeping bed, hammock, pillows
  • Navigation – online maps
  • Illumination – flashlight, lamps, waterproof matches, power banks
  • Sun protection – sunglasses, cap, hat
  • Food, coffee, tea, thermos, water bottles, sweeties
  • Dishes, bowls, cups, spoons
  • Rainwear, appropriate footwear and extra clothing
  • Knife, axe, hammer, multi-purpose tool
  • Tooth-brush, toiletries

For the detailed information about the essentials follow the links, you will find more helpful tips there.

Afterall, I wish you all to have a wonderful camping experience, full of emotions, full of vibes from nature and full of freedom inside you ^_^


hues of gold, autumn sunset 


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